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Building exterior paint to use common sense
     All buildings interior and exterior paints, decorative effect and finish quality are in the case of wall construction, construction methods, environmental conditions and other closely related, and therefore must pay attention to the following construction requirements:
     I. Basic requirements A smooth construction of the wall must be clean, no grease, dust and dirt, the walls should be sufficiently dry and free of loose and hollowing phenomenon; PH value B general construction of the wall should be less than 9.5, the moisture content should be less than 10%; C new powder cement mortar walls shall be cured for 10 days in summer and winter to be cured for 20 days, in-situ concrete walls summer conservation shall be 21 days, shall be cured for 28 days in winter, before construction; D interior walls Make sure no water leakage; E as the old wall decoration, application blades, steel brushes and other tools to clean the old paint; F old wall if mold growth phenomenon, we must eradicate mildew, then hot water rinse, then 5% alkaline scrub, and finally rinse with water, to prevent mold resurgence death, may be 7-10% aqueous solution of trisodium phosphate brushing 1-2 times, it can play a bactericidal effect. G exterior wall paint and construction quality acceptance can see (JGJ73 building decoration works construction and acceptance)
     Second, climate and construction: A water-based coating application temperature must be above 5 ??, preferably above 10 ??. Do not conducted at over 85% humidity environment B interior construction. C exterior wall construction is expected within 24 hours of rain not construction.
     Third, the general interior wall paint construction process: clean-up grass-roots ?? fill cracks and other defects (Note) ?? ?? polishing ?? full putty brushing sealing primer (Note) ?? ?? brush paint brush first coating the second track (note ): the defect wall without cracks and other holes can be direct grant inlay putty; high on the wall construction requirements can be painted sealing primer
     Fourth, the general wall paint construction process: A thin layer of paint (a bottom two faces Act) Primary Primary repair ?? ?? cleanup brushing primer (a) ?? brushing paint (two) B multi-layer coating (a bottom a the two faces) middle embossed aggregate processing ?? ?? flattened grass-roots clean-up ?? ?? brushing the grass-roots repair primer (a) ?? the thickness of the coating quality (orange peel pattern)

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